Chiropractic Testimonials

“Dr. McHenry at The McHenry Chiropractic Wellness Center is amazing! I just recently began chiropractor care for the first time ever and I leave the clinic after each visit rejuvenated and relaxed. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is serene. Dr. McHenry goes above and beyond for his patients. Since my initial visit my posture has improved and I’m also noticing other positive changes. Visiting The McHenry Chiropractic Wellness Center is a great way to start your day and I would recommend it to everyone!‎”

- Joyela

I was told to have surgery or live with it

“I was told to have surgery or live with it. That was twenty years ago. Last year I was given a gift certificate to The McHenry Chiropractic Wellness Center. No medication, no side effects, and I can walk 2-3 miles any time I want.”

- Robert Seamon

Leg Pain Gone with Neck Adjustment

“I suffered at home for four days with severe leg pain. I remembered meeting Dr. McHenry by chance several months previously on the Tampa Bay Trail. I had my first appointment and Dr. McHenry found nerve pressure in my upper neck. Dr. McHenry never did anything to my leg or back and within a few days I was walking without my cane and nearly pain free.”

- David Pena

First Line of Defense

“Dr. McHenry plays a vital role in our health care and is our first line of defense to help to stay healthy. We are very thankful for the compassionate care that this clinic provides to us and would recommend it to everyone.”

- Barbara Later

Chronic Pain; Instant Relief

“I have had many problems with my back and chronic low back pain for at more than twenty years. My wife encouraged me to see Dr. McHenry. After he worked with the upper neck adjustment, it was truly like instant relief.”

- Jack Hair

No More Debilitating Back Pain

“I am in good physical condition, except for one thing my back problems had been debilitating me for many years. I came to Dr. McHenry on the advice of a friend. Now I am pain free and I visit Dr. McHenry every other week for maintenance.”

- Bruno R.

Severe Whiplash and Auto Injury

“I had a bad concussion and whiplash. Dr. McHenry worked so hard to help me heal from my injuries! He is truly a blessing and his care for his patients goes beyond any treatment you had ever had.”

- Linda Bubacher

Severe Pain in My Right Shoulder Socket

Meeting Dr. McHenry for me has really been a life changing experience. When I first came to Dr. McHenry I was in so much pain that I could barely stand up straight.Over the course of 3 months Dr. McHenry was able to release the nerve damage that was causing my conditions and, in the process, relieved other symptoms such as headaches and neck pain.

- Cesar Contreras

Having a Lot of Health Problems

I am now 17 years old and ever since I can remember, I’ve had a lot of health problems. Doctors had me on about 13 pills a night, none of which eased the problems. For the last few months I’ve received chiropractic care from Dr. McHenry at The McHenry Chiropractic Wellness Center and my health has steadily increased. All of the symptoms are less frequent if not nearly gone! And I am completely off of all of my medications for the pain and health conditions.

- Ashley Later


I am 16 years old now and I started getting headaches when I was 10. My Dad brought me to see Dr. McHenry and since I have been getting adjustments I am no longer getting the headaches and I don’t take any Tylenol anymore! “I recommend coming to see Dr. McHenry because this really helps and it helps correct the cause of the problem. It will go away.”

- Jazmine Lagares

Constant Neck Pain and Back Pain Gone

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy and facial nerve paralysis. After that I had constant neck pain and could not turn my head normally. I also had back pain that kept me from sleeping more than a few hours at a time, and made it impossible for me to sit at work without pain. In the twelve weeks since I started care with Dr. McHenry my health has improved dramatically. I no longer have the low back pain. I would recommend Dr. McHenry to anyone because people may not know that problems in their nervous system could be a cause of their health problems.

- Charles Oakley

Bad Posture Problems caused by Car Accident

I am 18 years old and on June 15th, 2011 I was in an accident. My shoulder hurt, I couldn’t turn my head to the left as far as I could turn to the right and I couldn’t sleep at all. After getting chiropractic care my pains went away, Dr. McHenry has changed my life and could help change anyone else’s as well.

- Jon Lagares

Knee Injury and Acid Reflux

In August of 2011 I fell off a ladder and injured my knee and body. Also during this period I had acute sinitus due to allergies and acid reflux disease. On my first visit with Dr. McHenry after he adjusted my vertebrae I went to lie on the couch. I feel I was very lucky in finding Dr. McHenry and would recommend him to anyone feeding assistance even if it is just for well being.

- Thomas Smiley


Do you believe in miracles?!! Well I am free of pain after 3 months of treatment and feeling the best I have ever felt as my spine has straightened out. Two weeks ago I was able to get ona bike and ride. I had not been able to ride for a whole year because of my knee and back pain.

- Phyllis Anderson

Improved my quality of life

“I have been treated by Dr. McHenry for approximately two years and currently seeing him twice a week for maintenance. Dr. McHenry has improved my quality of life. He can zero in on an issue without me even having to describe a sore spot or issue. He lets me know what he is going to do and I have always felt safe in his hands.”

- George Stebbings

Pain Free After 7 Years

“I had neck pain for 7 years after an auto accident. The pain was so severe to the point where I couldn’t sleep. I have been pain free since I started care with Dr. McHenry and I am sleeping much better now.”

- Noemi Miranda

Think Chiropractic First

“My family for many years used chiropractor care for sports injuries or after car accident but never as maintenance care. While waiting in Dr. McHenry’s office I read 2 books filled with stories of how chiropractic care resolved minor to major health issues for people from newborns to seniors. I never would have thought chiropractor first if I had not read those stories and my grand daughter would be on drugs and in pain instead of outside playing.”

- Susan Seamon

Hip and Leg Pain Relief

“For several months I suffered from a nagging ache in my right hip and leg. After a few more weeks of living with this pain, a friend of mine, and patient of Dr.McHenry thought I should get another opinion and urged me to get an appointment. I get my first adjustment using the method he does with the knee-chest table. That adjustment was amazing.”

- Dr. Randy

Wellness Care Works

“I had been going to a ‘Pain Management’ clinic to receive shots into my spine to help relieve the severe back pain and sciatica I have endured for so many years. I have not been back to the Pain Management Clinic since I started care with Dr. McHenry. Dr. McHenry’s approach to the wellness of the body and his treatment techniques do work!”

- Marion Howse

Suffering from Multitude of Ailments

Before I began care at Dr. McHenry’s Office I had been suffering from a multitude of ailments. Since starting care I have had a drastic improvement in health. I felt better and much immediate relief in the first adjustment. I was starting to feel like 40 something and I feel like I am 25 again, even though I am going to be 30 this month.

- Robert Ortiz

I Wish the Other Doctors Would Have Told Me About Trying this First!

My Name is Richard Diaz and I have been a patient of Dr. McHenry for about three years now. I wish I would have known about his clinic sooner because I think I may have been able to avoid some unnecessary surgery.

- Richard Diaz

He really cares about his patients, and he listens very well.

Recently, I had severe pain in my right ear which spread to my gums and my throat. I thought it was an infection or something. I suffered through pain killers and antibiotics. Then I went for an adjustment, and one Atlas adjustment handled 90% of this in minutes after I left Dr. McHenry’s office!!

- Bill Witter

We’d again like to thank all of these patients for sharing their chiropractic successes on video and encourage you to listen to each of their unique stories.


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