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Tampa Chiropractor Oldsmar FL Brad McHenryChiropractor Dr. Brad McHenry, D.C. has over twenty years experience in the healing arts. I was fortunate to grow up with parents who know the value of chiropractic care. My brothers and I had the blessing of going to the chiropractor from an early age. I learned very early that health comes from the INSIDE, not from a pill.

When I started college and was taking Anatomy and Physiology, I quickly developed a passion for learning more about the miracle of the human body. My early positive experience with chiropractic coupled with this innate interest led me to become a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.).

My Practice Philosophy

Gentle relief of your pain is our top priority! I do that through natural chiropractic care that helps your body heal itself from the INSIDE OUT. The chiropractic principle is simply that the body can and will always heal itself as long as there is no interference to that innate ability. If you have nerve interference in your body then you probably are not functioning or feeling as well as you could or should. I practice the true art of finding that nerve interference and correcting it with specific adjustments – just as chiropractic care was developed by Dr. B.J. Palmer. My techniques include Palmer Upper Cervical Specific adjustments and Gentle Instrument Adjustments for the spine and extremeties. I also offer natural cleansing and detoxification programs for weight losss and whole food nutrition for balancing body chemistry.

A Chiropractic Family

All of my children have had chiropractic care from birth, and stay well with regular adjustments. We strive to eat a healthy diet including plenty of organic fruits and vegetables. Our children maintain their health naturally with regular adjustments and without the use of any prescriptions or other medications.

Thank you for visiting our web site. I truly look forward to meeting you. I am an expert in the specific healing techniques that I use, and I will take time to help understand your specific needs. Please contact us. I look forward to meeting you to see if I can identify the true cause of any health concerns you may have, and to plan a course to help you reach your desired state of health and wellness.


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